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A Summary of the Quantity Surveying Code of Conduct as published by SACQSP

(Revised March 2013)
A Summary of the Quantity Surveying Code of Professional Conduct as published by the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession | AGORA AFRICA
By: Oostewald van Niekerk

Posted on: 27 January 2022

Rules governing the profession

It should be noted that registered QS’s and QS practices are subject to the disciplinary supervision of the council. The code of conduct forms the basis of any disciplinary proceedings. During disciplinary proceedings the council shall proceed against the principal officer of the QS practice should a valid misconduct occurs.

  1. A QS must have due regard to public safety, public health, and the general interest of the public.
  2. A QS must execute his duties effectively and competently.
  3. A QS must execute his duties with integrity fidelity and honesty.
  4. A QS must execute his duties in such a manner that upholds the dignity, standing and reputation of the profession.
  5. A QS is not allowed to undertake work for which his education, training and experience have not catered for.
    1. Example any design work.
  6. When QS related work is undertaken by an unregistered employee, there must be registered QS that ensure that the person is competent to perform the task and is adequately supervised.
  7. The quality of work from a QS must be to a level that is in line with the accepted standards and practices in the profession.
  8. A QS must disclose the following to the client before work is undertaken:
    1. Any interest in the project he might have in any capacity
      1. Financial kickbacks
      2. Bribes
      3. Finders’ fees
      4. Commission
      5. Holidays
      6. Gifts
      7. Promise of additional work
      8. Holidays
      9. Etc.
  9. A QS of QS practice may not receive (directly or indirectly) any gratuity, commission or other financial benefit on any article or process used in or for the purpose of the work he is employed for.
  10. A QS may not injure the professional reputation or business of any other registered person.
  11. One QS may not attempt to replace another QS or firm on a project which the original QS was appointed for.
  12. A QS may not advertise his services in a self-praising/self-admiring manner, or in a manner that is misleading or inaccurate or offensive to the dignity of the profession.
  13. A QS may not misrepresent his qualification, or registration
  14. One QS may not review another QS’ work, UNLESS
    1. The original QS is informed in writing and gives his written consent
    2. The original QS is afforded the opportunity to comment on the findings
    3. The original QS’ contract is terminated
    4. Or it is required for any legal proceedings
    5. The review may only start once the client has paid the original QS in full for his services.
  15. All information must be safeguarded for a period of 5 years after completion of the project.
  16. A QS/or QS firm may not place orders on the client’s behalf or make any payments on the client’s behalf unless written consent is given by the client.
  17. A QS/QS firm may not issue any project documentation if the QS organization name is not reflected on the documents.
  18. A QS may not directly or indirectly deal in construction or property development projects for his own account where:
    1. Such a project/development is in conflict with his responsibilities towards the client
    2. He has privileged or confidential information concerning the project as a result of any QS work undertaken by him
    3. The QS shall not make any personal use of or divulge to others any privileged or confidential information related to the QS work undertaken by him.
  19. A QS may not offer any potential client any commission or payment to obtain work.
  20. These rules must be applied when working outside the boarders of SA, unless it is in conflict with the said country’s laws, or when the said country has a code of conduct for the QS profession.
  21. The control and responsibility in any QS firm must be carried by a registered Quantity Surveyor.
  22. The Registrar must receive written notice within one month of any change in physical or postal addresses of the business.
  23. When requested the council must be provided with written information of the Pr. QS who is being investigated for misconduct.
  24. Registered Candidate QS shall not:
    1. Practice for their own account
    2. Practice in partnership or as a director of a QS company unless written approval from council has been granted.
    3. Perform any QS work other than under the direct and continuous supervision of a Pr. QS.

Establishing a QS firm

  1. When a QS firm is established, the council must be notified within 30 days of the establishment and full details of directors must be supplied in writing to the council.
  2. The council must be notified within 30 days of any changes to any constitution of the practice.
  3. Impersonal names shall be submitted to the Registrar for approval.
  4. A Registered QS shall not enter into any professional relationship or association with any person who is not a registered professional Quantity Surveyor, unless council permission has been granted. Permission may be denied if:
    1. The person concerned is disqualified from registration.
    2. The person is qualified to register but did not register.
  5. Any QS practice will be controlled by 2/3 registered Pr. QS’.
  6. A Multidisciplinary practice offering QS services, shall be controlled by registered members/allied professionals, and the QS division must be under the full-time supervision of a Registered Pr. QS.
  7. Any office established to provide QS services shall be under the continuous, direct, and personal supervision of a registered Pr. QS. Council may grant permission otherwise under the following circumstances:
    1. QS resigned
    2. To Establish an office in a remote place due to the award of a project.
  8. The council may dissolve a practice if any non-registered partner is guilty of any act which is in breach of the code of conduct.
  9. The letterhead of the practice shall display the names of the directors with their registration status using the prescribed abbreviations.
  10. A Practice must when requested provide in writing all information pertaining to the juristic nature, style, and composition of the practice, staffing levels and professional indemnity cover.
  11. All QS work undertaken by the practice will be under the control of a registered Pr. QS and must provide full disclosure to the client of the level of supervision provided by the registered Pr. QS.

The legal right to use the title Quantity Surveyor

  1. Registered Candidate Quantity Surveyors may use the title Candidate Quantity Surveyor only if they are in good standing with the council.
  2. Un-registered persons are only allowed to append their legally achieved qualifications after their names. For example, B.Sc. QS. (Pret); B.Sc. QS Hons (Pret)
  3. Only in the United Kingdom you may call yourself a Quantity Surveyor if you are not registered as such.