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The Magrietjies

The Magrietjies is a voluntary charity organisation, established in 1994 by a retired nurse, Toni Oerlemans, which looks after the needs and caring for cancer patients free of charge. This organisation was founded after Toni, a Mookgophong (Naboomspruit) resident, who identified the lack of clinics and care facilities for cancer patients in need of constant treatment and support, after being released from hospital.

The Magrietjies, in collaboration with doctors and oncologists, determines the needs for each patient. Most individuals receiving assistance from this organisation, only receive state pension and are not on medical aid, and in dire need of the free service offered.

Services include home visits for terminal and weakened patients, weekly clinic services where patients come in for treatment, assistance with day-to-day duties and spending time with patients for some emotional support if they are alone.

Without government funding, the organization must obtain all medical equipment, medicine, treatments, and services on their own accord.  Although individuals give their time voluntarily, the Magrietjies depend on fund raising and donations to support their patients.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Marthie:
Tel: 076 221 5500