New Hope School


Established in 1971, New Hope School is a non-profit organisation, and one of the largest special needs education schools in South Africa, focusing on the education and training of learners with cerebral palsy, permanent physical disabilities, metabolic disorders or syndromes, traumatic brain injuries as well as specific learning disabilities.

Assessing individual needs, learners follow a variety of curriculums and receive therapy provided by teachers and therapists. Where supplementary support is required, assistants are assigned to learners.

New Hope School works to enable every learner to fulfil their potential, emotionally, spiritually, academically, creatively, physically, and socially, and to unlock the unique abilities and strengths of each child.

This holistic, multi-disciplinary teamwork forms the foundation for the educational approach implemented at the school to help the children achieve their maximum potential.

The logistical and operational requirements of this school provide a significant challenge which the Department of Education alone does not address. New Hope School therefore have various fundraising events and welcomes sponsorships and/or donations, which plays an integral role in sustaining excellence in the education and care provided at the school.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Karen:
Tel: 012 460 2234/5

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Activities and social events :

New Hope Golf Day
(Aug 2023)

The New Hope School's annual golf day, held on 30 August 2023, at Woodhill Golf Estate ...

Mandela Day
(Jul 2023)

We had the opportunity to share some heartwarming moments with the children at New Hope ...

New Hope School

New Hope Christmas Party
(Dec 2022)

In the spirit of the holiday season, the AGORA team connected with the New Hope School ...

New Hope School

Grass Installation Ceremony
(Sep 2022)

We are still celebrating the month of Spring, by insuring the grass stays green at the Skills Department of ...

New Hope School

New Hope Golf Day
(Aug 2022)

The New Hope School annual golf day took place on the 17th of August 2022. AGORA supported the day by participating in ...

New Hope School

Candy Floss Event
(May 2022)

We got all sticky and sweet with the incredible children at the New Hope School. We proudly support ...

New Hope School

New Hope Skills Lab Christmas Party (Dec 2021)

AGORA connected with the New Hope School, in particular the skills Lab Department and supports them ...